By Andrew Macdonald

As was mentioned a few weeks ago in The Macdonald Notebook, Halifax road builder Tom Hickey and friends successfully bid $22,000 to book Sidney Crosby’s skybox in the PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburg.

Sidney Crosby at last month’s Nova Scotia Sports Hall of Fame gala. Photo by Brendan Ahern/The Macdonald Notebook.

Hickey made his winning bid at the recent gala put on by Nova Scotia Sports Hall of Fame, with its president, Bruce Rainnie.
I caught up this week to serial entrepreneur Hickey, who has 13 different entities doing business across Canada. His Burnside-based road building outfit, Atlantic Road Construction & Paving, is his largest company, which he operates with Brad Hickey.

Fifteen Nova Scotia athletes were honoured at the gala as the top athletes in the province. Number One went to #87 Sid Crosby, who was present at the Halifax event in Joe Ramia’s Nova Centre.

“It’s his personal skybox. It fits 16, but I don’t think I’ll take 16 people down,” Hickey tells The Macdonald Notebook.

“My understanding is we can use the skybox during the NHL season. I am not sure if it is for the playoffs. We didn’t get into details,” he says.

“We’ll go down before Christmas, that is my guess.”

Hickey must be the man of the hour for the sweet winning bid to use Crosby’s private hockey suite?

“What happened, there were a couple of friends (at the Sports Hall gala) at the time, and I was the one bidding, but a few of us said we’d go in on it together.”

Hickey teamed up with bar baron Brad Hartlin, of Bubbles Mansion, Troy Rogers, and Leo Salloum from Tony’s Donair.

“We were all supporting the cause. There was no sense bidding against each other,” Hickey tells me.

The gala raised funds for the Sports Hall of Fame, and also for Sid the Kid’s charity foundation, which I noted the other week donated a cool $50,000 to the Special Olympics of Nova Scotia national games, held recently in Antigonish.

“I have a lot of respect for Sid, but also for his family, his mom and dad. They’ve put all their life into the game, and both my two daughters play hockey,” said Hickey.

In Nova Scotia, the largest road building entity is Carl Potter-owned Dexter Construction.

“It is an interesting time (to be in the road building business with all the twinning projects). But I think, the big player is Dexter. What we all try to do is pick up the scraps of projects they don’t want. If they want it, they take it”.

The 47-year-old Hickey is originally from Cape Breton and is now based in the Halifax area.