The Macdonald Notebook news article that the 103 HWY should be twinned ALL the way to Bridgewater received a letter to the editor from prominent businessman Don Mills:

“Couldn’t agree with you more about twinning the 103 all the way to Bridgewater.

It is my understanding that when roads exceed 10,000 vehicles of use per day that twinning is warranted.

That is certainly the case on the 103 to Bridgewater. The traffic this summer has far exceeded this volume.
Time for political action”.

The Macdonald Notebook news article about my decision to go back to the Church of Rome, received a response from Halifax politico Dan O’Connor:

“Andrew, your plan to return to church this Fall made me think about where some of the directions being taken by Roman Catholics.
We are active members of St. Theresa’s Parish in Halifax, one of several served by the Franciscans of Halifax.

The Franciscan community is about 11 years old, I think. They have priests, brothers, sisters, third order and lay members.
St. Catherine of Siena on Bayers Road is their home. They have been given responsibility for several parishes in the Metro area.
Most of the priests ordained in Halifax in the last five years are Franciscans. They make it clear that they take a specific theological approach, focused on Christ as we know him in the Bible and trying to live like him. Their new moderator is a 34 year-old priest from Yarmouth.

A group of sisters from Ottawa attended morning Mass recently, while on a visit to Nova Scotia. They are Sisters of the Queenship of Mary.
That congregation was founded less than ten years ago by Alice Fougere, a woman from Halifax who moved to Ottawa to start her consecrated life.

Our priest noted that the sisters from Ottawa and the Franciscans of Halifax are but two of the new small religious orders across Canada.
My observation is that they are formed by people who answered a call to consecrated life but who were not interested in an existing religious order.

The Companions of the Cross, based in Ottawa, are not so small anymore but I think they are the first and notable example.

These new orders don’t carry the superstructure of the long-established orders, who seem restricted by defensive and cautious attitudes.
The new small religious congregations have much greater success helping people discern a religious vocation. The Franciscans of Halifax appear to recognize that life in their community may not turn out to be the right choice, although one of their priorities is to help people who might be called to a consecrated life.

They strive to avoid a moral judgement about such life choices.

The Reformation caused Catholics to fear change and to claim that “things have always been done this way.”

Yet the history of Christianity and of the church show frequent change, reform, and renewal. Faith, hope, and charity can go hand-in-hand with renewal.

I hope that when you return to church attendance, you find it keeps evolving and that it has a place in your life”.

The Macdonald Notebook article in a recent edition that Cox & Palmer partner Victor Goldberg supports Gay Pride, received a response from Kingsley Brown, of Antigonish:

“Anyone with eyes open has the answer. The Goldberg family for generations has been in the front lines of humanity’s enduring struggle to be human”.