Erin O’Toole, federal Tory leadership aspirant:
“The movers and shakers read you, Andrew”.

NS Tory leader, Jamie Baillie:
“Andrew Macdonald is a distinguished journalist”.

John MacDonell, a product of Nova Scotia, who later became the province’s most powerful backroom operator in the Harper regime, says of  my politico coverage:
“(Your political coverage) is awesome for political junkies like me. Good on you and kudos for excellence. You have a way of explaining things so that readers understand that those involved in partisan politics are human just like everyone else”.

Liberals like former John Savage minister Robbie Harrison, also have been appreciative of my journalism style.”Your well crafted (journalism style) is ‘down home – high quality’ reporting – concise, informative, diverse, historically accurate, objective, humourous and pleasantly intimate”.

Alex Handyside, an elder care businessman, and King’s Wharf resident, also passed praise on my journalism.
“I dig because you dig. In other words, I enjoy reading your (journalism style) because you are always so well-researched: you offer so much background to all your stories”.

“As a CFA (’90, from the U. of K.) with a minor in political junkery, I am particularly fascinated by your back stories”, he wrote. “You have an uncanny knack of being able to link seemingly unrelated, irrelevant snippets into something related and relevant. Andrew, you rivet readers. Keep it up, Rosie”.

“Andrew, congratulations.  I look forward to your new work . I am sure it will be of the highest quality and standard you have exhibited throughout your career. Journalism is becoming a dying art I am glad there are people like you who are keeping it alive”. – A Nova Scotia Judge

Noted Halifax real estate developer, Wadih Fares, who is also Honorary Consul General in the Maritimes for Lebanon reads my news copy:

“I have been reading Andrew’s stories for 15-years.I am always curious to see what he is going to write about and he is very curious himself but honest”.

“He is passionate about journalism and above all he is trustworthy”.

“We live in a very small, tight-knit community. Media has a big impact on our lives and it helps to talk to a journalist you can trust and that’s Andrew Macdonald. He is experienced, his stories are fair, balanced and very professional. That’s what good journalism is all about!!”.

Los Angeles commercial mortgage broker, and Cape Breton native Bruce Evans says:

“I am really enjoying The Macdonald Notebook – when do you sleep? Lots of insight and depth to the pieces. Well done”.